Manufacturing Software Reviews

SYSPRO Manufacturing Software Review

Leveraging an easy-to-use system geared towards business process orientation, SYSPRO provides a strong manufacturing solution that combines accounting, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain capabilities for a broad range of mid-market manufacturing businesses.

NetSuite ERP Review

As the first and only company to provide on-demand web-based business solutions, NetSuite has been recognized worldwide for its leadership in innovation, and has received several awards from leading publications such as eWeek, PC Magazine and CRM Magazine. NetSuite offers powerful front and back office systems combined into one application that remains flexible to be scaled with additional modules and functions as businesses require them.

Oracle Manufacturing ERP Review

Their broad array of manufacturing business solutions provide functionality suitable for any organization small, medium, and enterprise-level of all industries. Of these organizations, top manufacturing companies worldwide rely on Oracle to boost their manufacturing processes through optimized supply chain performance and customer-centric functionality.

Lawson ERP Review

Typically designed for medium to large sized organizations Lawson M3 effectively manages complex supply chains that include fashion, food and beverage, and distribution. Regardless of whether a company is functioning within discrete, process, or mixed- mode manufacturing, Lawson provides a solid application with robust features and flexibility to evolve with changing business demands.

Global Shop Solutions ERP Review

Global Shop Solutions is a provider of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is proven to enhance lean manufacturing, on-time delivery, pricing systems, and reduce costs and delivery times. The Global Shop Solutions' software is trusted by over 12,000 users worldwide to maintain the crucial daily activities of make-to-order, make-to-stock, and mixed-mode manufacturing and distribution.


With specialization in repetitive, discrete and process manufacturing, IQMS is able to provide a highly intuitive solution with additional features such as CRM, WMS and eBusiness tailored for manufacturing environments. By creating relationships with customers based on trust, support and bottom-line results IQMS has achieved one of the highest customer retention rates of any ERP provider.

DBA Manufacturing Review

DBA has grown from a father and son start-up to a worldwide provider of small business manufacturing ERP. DBA believes in providing solutions that are easy to learn and understand, but still provide the necessary functionality needed by manufacturers. The software offers a unique sales model that leverages self-implementation practices for organizations to get up-and-running quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of other ERP systems.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Review

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution that leverages quick implementation speeds, easy-to-use interfaces, and easy configuration. Microsoft NAV has over one million users worldwide, and continues to develop and drive innovation with its proven industry-specific functionality. The cost-effective solution is ideal for mid-sized companies, but its technology has been proven to fit the needs of highly specialized organizations of all sizes.


The integrated DEACOM Accounting and ERP software offers a solid solution for mid-sized manufacturers focused on components building manufacturing, and process and mixed-mode manufacturing. By leveraging DEACOM's ERP solution organizations are able to streamline their business processes to decrease costs and increase profitability

JDA Software Review

With their 25 year history of success, JDA has worked with over 6,000 companies enabling them to gain a wealth of knowledge to incorporate in their manufacturing solutions and services. JDA holds a sturdy commitment to delivering excellence to its customers, and their best-practice knowledge has served a variety of companies and industries including process and discrete manufacturing, retail, distribution, cargo and freight, and many others.