Manufacturing Mart Software Drives Profitability

The Manufacturing Mart of Cleveland has launched new patent-pending software tentatively called The Trade Marketplace.

Job Shops and OEMs in the Cleveland, Ohio area and throughout this area known as the “Rust Belt” soon will have access to this software system that will help them form trusted partnerships and grow their business.

The software will provide a time-efficient means to quote new business and will spotlight their core competencies, thus reducing the expense of processing an RFQ or an RFP and giving them a chance to win new business.

The Trade Marketplace stores a job shop’s core competencies based on the information the business inputs. The software identifies the competencies of individual job shops, ensuring less time is spent chasing no-win deals.

Founder and President of The Manufacturing Mart, Kaye Denning, says the software combs through the proposals and delivers the highest-ranking results meeting the purchaser’s manufacturing standards.

Denning explains that OEMs will spend less time identifying potential suppliers for RFPs or RFQs of machine parts and reduce expenses associated with qualifying the manufacturer.

Job shops can confidently accept work from unknown purchasers and the software reduces the expense of quoting and increases the opportunity to win new business, according to Denning.

Job shop owners want to spend their time creating quality products and don’t want to be tied down responding to RFQs or RFPs for steel or metal parts or machine parts. Miscommunication can occur when the specs are changed without notification, once the order is placed.

The Trade Marketplace software acknowledges these changes and allows job shops to bid only on the projects for which it is most qualified with up-to-date knowledge of any changes made by OEMs.

The software will be officially launched in late 2011 and it will be subscription-based with transactional fees, says Denning.

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