Heart-Fab Optimizes Production with MIE Track Manufacturing Software

Heart-Fab, a metal fabricator in Manitoba, Canada, has recently joined MIE Solutions’ client database. They have purchased and implemented the popular MIE Trak Sheet Metal Software system.

Known as a prominent metal fabricator, Heart-Fab has publicly expressed its contentment with the new acquisition and has explained that the product has helped improve internal processes significantly within various levels of the manufacturing chain.

A key feature the company finds great benefit in is the ability to attach DXF files to sales orders and invoices for printing thumbnail representations on the packing slips of CAD files.

Heart-Fab produces cutting-edge technology that produces high quality, precisely crafted metal components that are used in a wide range of different industries such as agriculture and construction. They provide CNC saw cutting, precision forming and sheet metal fabrication services, as well as other industry-specific services.

With the growth Heart-Fab has experienced, they decided to purchase a modern, comprehensive Manufacturing Software solution that is also cost-effective. They found exactly what they were looking for with the MIE Solutions’ MIE Trak.

MIE Trak was formerly known as FabriTrak and they corroborate MRP, ERP, Schedule Shop Floor data capture, known as SFDC, with bar coding and costing capabilities.

The MIE Trak presents users with an expansive display of features such as quotes, order entry, quote letter, router, work order, costing, purchasing, receiving, raw materials, inventory, shipping, invoicing, and finished goods, to touch on just a few.

MIE Solutions is a provider of production control software for the entire manufacturing sector. Their list of services also includes training, full product support and on-site implementation.

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