NetSuite ERP Review

About NetSuite ERP Solutions

NetSuite is a global provider of online, hosted enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) designed to help companies properly manage their business processes and to streamline various functions. Over 16,000 midsized and high-growth companies, as well as divisions of large enterprises, use NetSuite to run their business. NetSuite ERP provides robust features to manage sales, customer communications, order management, inventory management, finance, e-commerce, time and billing, and several other functions.

As the first and only company to provide on-demand web-based business solutions, NetSuite ERP has been recognized worldwide for its leadership in innovation, and has received several awards from leading publications such as eWeek, PC Magazine and CRM Magazine. NetSuite offers powerful front and back office systems combined into one application that remains flexible to be scaled with additional modules and functions as businesses require them.

Serving customers of small and mid-sized organizations, NetSuite provides complete solutions that enable organizations to serve customers more effectively and lower inventory costs, all in real-time.

NetSuite Manufacturing Solutions

  • NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

NetSuite Manufacturing ERP Highlights

  • Multi-level bill of materials and work orders to support lean manufacturing and just-in-time business practices
  • Industry-proven algorithms that meet the demands of safety stock requirements and greater inventory control, and enhanced planning and scheduling of materials
  • Shop floor control features that manage product lifecycle and routing required for manufacturing and item assembly
  • Lot and serial tracking for increased visibility of products through purchasing receipts, inventory, shop floor, production, and sales orders
  • Advanced manufacturing inventory control such as material requirement planning (MRP), purchase requisition maintenance, inventory planning and scheduling, inventory maintenance and various other features
  • Demand planning that takes into account sales orders and forecasted demands with strong product history tracking to use inventory more cost-effectively

Benefits of NetSuite Manufacturing ERP

  • Offers all manufacturing resource planning, inventory management, forecasting and shipping in a single web-based SaaS solution to grant quick access to information anytime and anywhere
  • Leverages advanced warehouse and inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities to convert leads to orders, and orders to production to stimulate profitability
  • Seamlessly integrates Manufacturing system with CRM and financial management tools to create 360 degree visibility to provide greater customer service
  • Uses real-time information with advanced dashboards tailored for manufacturing needs to provide best practices
  • With the NetSuite Manufacturing solution organizations are able to achieve superior manufacturing planning and production, and greater control over the supply chain to improve operating efficiency and lower costs
  • Faster ROI from cost savings that reduce IT and labor costs, as well as increased accuracy and better delivery times
  • Better decision-making through the provision of real-time information to greatly reduce risk and respond to market changes quickly

Happy Customers

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