Lawson ERP Review

About Lawson Manufacturing ERP

Lawson is a provider of enterprise software that encompasses features that include finance, manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance and supply chain. Currently, Lawson serves over 4,500 customers worldwide with the intent to strengthen organizations by implementing their enterprise software to alleviate their weaknesses. By measuring an organizations performance versus the industry benchmarks they are able to help organizations make the progress they desire and even identify steps for improvement.

Lawson M3 is designed to help manufacturers optimize their operations by efficiently managing their production, distribution, and even the administration. Designed to streamline processes for manufacturing companies functioning in all modes of manufacturing, Lawson M3 helps to establish high levels of collaboration through all aspects of operations and provides unprecedented visibility throughout.

Typically designed for medium to large sized organizations Lawson M3 effectively manages complex supply chains that include fashion, food and beverage, and distribution. Regardless of whether a company is functioning within discrete, process, or mixed- mode manufacturing, Lawson provides a solid application with robust features and flexibility to evolve with changing business demands.

Lawson Manufacturing Solutions

  • Lawson M3

Lawson Manufacturing ERP Highlights

  • Provides up-to-the-minute information that allows organizations to quickly adapt and resolve issues as they arise
  • Features just-in-time and Kanban systems, constraints-based production planning, order-less production and material back flushing to enforce lean manufacturing practices
  • Materials management features streamline the procurement process and provide insight into the entire value chain
  • Various forecasting and reporting methods that integrate with master planning, customer order management,  and every other business process activity
  • Simplifies financial management by consolidating product costing, costing models, fixed asset accounting, cash flow management, report generation and budgeting
  • Monitors revenue, profit generation, profit generating initiatives, and bridges the gap between the sales cycle and customer procurement process

Key Strengths of Lawson Manufacturing ERP

  • Flexible system that accounts for various manufacturing environments , which results in easier adaptability to changing market conditions
  • Industry-specific functionality that helps organizations get the system up and running quicker to optimize business processes sooner, thus creating a competitive advantage
  • Provides Foundation 9, which is a platform created through a partnership with IBM, which enables organizations to leverage a high-performance solution that delivers crucial security, scalability, and usability
  • Role-based collaboration features leveraged through a web-based system to give easy access anytime and anywhere
  • Lawson implements a Stepwise methodology, so that users can add functionality only when they need it to lower the learning curve that other “clunky” systems offer
  • The system is able to use advanced planning and scheduling, business activity monitoring, e-commerce and manufacturing execution systems to deliver a complete solution tailored to the needs of manufacturing organizations

Happy Customers

Red Wing Shoe Company, Boliden Commercial AB, Jelly Belly Candy Company, Crown Esquipment, Migatronic, Medtel, Cycleurope, Eldon, Berendsen Safety, Sapa Building Systems, Ausco, Roche Diagnostics