DBA Manufacturing Review

About DBA Manufacturing

Founded in 1992, DBA Manufacturing strives to provide a simplified manufacturing solution without the problems of using over-complicated ERP systems. DBA prides itself in being the only manufacturing system capable of self-implementation.

In the early years of the organization, the father and son founded company, believed that the available ERP solutions were too costly and were overwhelming with too many unnecessary features. The result was a leaner and trimmed down alternative to mid-market ERP systems that was specifically designed for small businesses.

Today, DBA has grown into a worldwide provider of small business ERP software that presents simple-to-understand solutions at single reasonable package price. The software offers a unique sales model that leverages self-implementation practices for organizations to get up-and-running quickly, and at only a fraction of the cost of other ERP systems.

DBA Manufacturing Solutions

  • DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation

DBA Manufacturing Highlights

  • Inventory management capabilities that provide strong traceability features such as lot number, serial number, expiration dates
  • High visibility in stock statuses, transactions, and products and resources
  • Includes bill of materials, routing information, components, batch size, and output details
  • Sales order capabilities such as multiple shipments and invoices, delivery details, and planning and scheduling
  • Supports RMA processing and forms
  • Materials requirements planning tools such as in-depth scheduling and planning, and automates job creation process
  • Integrates manufacturing processes with a true accounting system

Benefits of DBA Manufacturing

  • As opposed to bloated enterprise ERP systems, DBA Manufacturing remains tightly focused on the market of small business manufacturing
  • Designed for self-implementation to reduce costs associated with lengthy deployments and minimal outside consultant help
  • Uses a single integrated small business ERP system that leverages function in procurement, inventory management, materials requirement planning, finance, manufacturing specification, and manufacturing jobs
  • Ideal for organizations who have outgrow their accounting software, and are looking for a solution to help manage their manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and increase profitability

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