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Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma: Efficiencies in Production

When you try to decide how best to design your manufacturing environment, should you lean more toward Six Sigma or lean? Both have been known to drive out waste and reduce the variation in many business processes. But, in your specific environment, which is the better and more beneficial choice? Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Tops […]

What Are Lean Manufacturing Concepts?

Lean manufacturing is likely a topic with which you are very familiar given your responsibilities within the organization. Lean manufacturing concepts have been integrated throughout a number of manufacturing environments to eliminate waste and ensure that all processes are streamlined to the point that the value delivered to the end customer is exceptional. At the […]

Gaining Efficiency Using Lean Manufacturing Tools

Lean manufacturing tools are a growing and changing set of needs for any company trying to become more efficient.  It began with the Toyota Production System (TPS) and that is still the major key to anyone starting to understand what lean manufacturing is all about.  However, Lean Manufacturing has come to incorporate differences from the […]

6 Sigma: Manufacturing Gets Lean

There is an assumption within the manufacturing industry that 6 Sigma and lean manufacturing often go hand-in-hand. While this would be the ideal situation, it does not mean that all organizations are good about achieving optimal results by effectively combining 6 Sigma and lean manufacturing. When you can accomplish this effectively within your organization, you […]

Lean Manufacturing to Drive Revenue Growth

Manufacturing is a competitive industry and as you search for solutions that enable you to streamline operations and lower your total production costs, lean manufacturing is sure to be a primary focus. Lean manufacturing enables you to leverage strategies to optimize time, deliver consistent execution and attack quality issues before they become a problem. Quite […]

Cellular Manufacturing Drives Lean, Flexible Operations

Has your organization taken advantage of the benefits of cellular manufacturing? If you are not already familiar with it, cellular manufacturing is based on a Group Technology concept that involves the implementation of work cells to drive effective production. To expand on this explanation further, a work cell is a group of equipment and workstations […]

Eliminate Waste with Lean Management

Adapting to traditional project management with computer programmers while working at a fast pace; this is one simple definition of lean management. Budget cuts as well as drops in business and other factors play a part in lean management as well. By using fewer resources and less time businesses have been able to reap the […]

Lean Production Demands Lean Tools

There is a purpose to lean manufacturing in that it helps you to eliminate any activities other than those that create actual value to the end customer. These activities are viewed as wasteful, but can be difficult to eliminate from standard process without the right lean tools in place to develop your strategy. While a […]

Enhancing Your Manufacturing Operations with Lean MFG

Making your business better through tried and tested tools is one way to look at lean manufacturing. Lean MFG does not provide the answers to all of your business problems because every business is different. The best use of lean mfg is with a large dose of common sense and the willingness to work at […]

Gaining Efficiency with 5S

As a business owner if you could improve your business by ten percent, wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would, that is the purpose of the  5S lean initiative.  5S can help your business to become more organized and efficient, and 5S are the first steps in getting your business to implement lean manufacturing […]