Microsoft Dynamics NAV Review

About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Since 1975, Microsoft has been prominently exposed as one of the top dogs in the software industry, and their ambitions have been anything but small. Microsoft provides a variety of products and services, which include its Microsoft Office software and Windows operating systems. The company has even expanded into manufacturing software, and looks to provide a flexible solution that helps manufacturers produce the right products at a high quality, in the right quantities, and at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution that leverages quick implementation speeds, easy-to-use interfaces, and easy configuration. Microsoft NAV has over one million users worldwide, and continues to develop and drive innovation with its proven industry-specific functionality. The cost-effective solution is ideal for mid-sized companies, but its technology has been proven to fit the needs of highly specialized organizations of all sizes.

Microsoft serves a wide range of customers through OEM, distributors, resellers, and other online services. Their customers can range from individual users, small and mid-sized companies, large enterprises, government institutions, ISPs, application developers, and OEM.

Microsoft Manufacturing Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Highlights

  • Allows for modification of components and operations, and to plan product family orders and routing
  • Can integrate various types of bill of materials into the manufacturing processes
  • Strong traceability features to see product lifecycle
  • Graphical displays and scheduling that use easy drag-and-drop functionality
  • Efficiently resource management capabilities that facilitate the flow through the supply chain
  • Advanced planning features for sales orders, production, purchasing, master production schedule, material requirements planning, and capacity demands
  • Integrates warehousing and manufacturing processes to streamline operations

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Simplifies business processes by storing financial, manufacturing, supply chain sales, human resources and customer services in one integrated package to optimize business performance and information flow
  • Provides a comfortable interface that using familiar Microsoft technology to shorten learning
  • Uses reports, business performance information, and graphical displays to establish a 360 degree view of the entire business to enable better strategic decision making
  • Rapid Implementation methodology to allow organizations to get use the ERP system as quickly as possible to see faster ROI
  • Through flexible processes and real-time information flow manufacturing companies are able to leverage capacity requirements planning, supply planning, bill of material, production orders, and production management tools to improve manufacturing operation effectiveness

Happy Customers

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