Sage ERP: A Recipe for Success

Before using Sage ERP, Goose Island Beer, a Chicago based brewing company rated in “America’s 20 Best Breweries”, started to outgrow the basic functions of their accounting software. Feeling frustrated with the state of their business operations, Goose Island Beer recognized that they needed a sophisticated bill of materials and various other features to successfully manage their business.

The Solution: Sage ERP

After a careful selection process, Goose Island Beer chose Sage ERP, and is currently using Sage MAS to manage their brewery and warehouse operations. The company cites the Sage ERP bill of materials as one of the most important features of the software, and it holds the recipes for all of the company’s brews. With laser-point precision, the Sage ERP can predict cost calculations and the various ingredients that are used in small amounts to produce a large batch. Sage MASĀ  can manage multiple units of measure, such as barrel, keg, and case, and allows Goose Island Beer to manufacture, stock, and sell in the appropriate container.

With the material requirements planning module, the company leverages the Sage ERP to increase purchasing efficiency and production planning processes. Chris Anderson, supply chain manager at Goose Island Beer, was especially impressed with the Sage ERP functionality. “We run the MRP report once a week and make our purchasing, production, and scheduling decisions based on the information it provides. Before MRP, I used a series of spreadsheets to get similar information. By eliminating the maintenance of the spreadsheets, I’ve cut the time I spend on the process in half. It’s a very powerful tool.”

Quality control was also an issue before implementing the Sage ERP. Previously, Goose Island Beer would have to manually enter data across several spreadsheets in order to trace a keg of beer back to its source. The whole process took three people three hours to conduct. Sage ERP provides lot number tracking that now make that same process take less than five minutes.

By implementing Sage MAS, Goose Island Beer has seen substantial improvements to their operations. Material requirements planning processes are cut by fifty percent, the precise formula cost calculation feature generates accurate costing, and the lot traceability features save the company from the grueling process of manual entry.

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