5 Key Manufacturing ERP Features for Automotive Producers

Automotive manufacturers face growing competition in the global economy, and as a result have come to rely on Manufacturing ERP. To ensure their survival in the competitive landscape, manufacturers judge their automotive ERP based on their initial capital expense, operating costs, and ROI.

With all of the ongoing activates involved in automotive manufacturing organizations can often lose track of what’s going on and find it difficult to manage their overall operations. Manufacturing ERP extends its capabilities beyond traditional ERP software to provide complete manufacturing visibility. But with manufacturing ERP being loaded with such a broad toolset, it can be difficult to know what features are absolutely needed and which aren’t. Listed below are 5 essential features of Manufacturing ERP for Automotive manufacturers.

1. Full Traceability

To isolate problems quickly with laser-point precision and to comply with government regulations, manufacturing ERP must have the capability to trace every component built into individual products. The manufacturing ERP must be able to measure every individual container, bin, and package as they progress through manufacturing operations.

2. Quality and Supply Chain Management

Real-time data tracking is an essential component of quality control for manufacturing ERP, and the ability to track and store data regarding all facets of manufacturing and supply chain processes is absolutely necessary to maintain quality control.

3. Inventory Optimization

Excess or insufficient inventory can be costly to manufacturers, and thus having inventory optimization features is a “no-brainer” for manufacturing ERP. Leveraging material requirements planning (MRP) features helps to effectively plan and manage resources and significantly reduce inventory costs with just-in-time delivery.

4. Barcode and Labeling

The importance of barcode and labeling functionality can sometimes be overlooked by the overwhelming number of features in Manufacturing ERP. Barcoding for automotive ERP can identify receiving and recording of resources, locate parts, calibrate gauges, track labor and time, and read and identify shipping labels.

5. Tooling and Maintenance

To maintain proper quality specifications, automotive ERP must be able to measure the tools and raw materials that are used in creating a product. This enables auto manufacturers to understand how many parts can be produced before the manufacturing tools will need to be replaced or adjusted, and to ensure that machines run as efficiently as possible to create more cost-effective manufacturing processes.

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