What is Process Manufacturing?

Process manufacturing is a distinct industry that requires specialized solutions to solve day-to-day problems. Traditionally, process manufacturing software varies from discrete manufacturing solutions because they are built to tackle the complexities of food and beverage production, chemical and coating, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others. The software solutions address the pressures of process manufacturing by balancing optimized product margins with fluctuating inbound and outbound materials.

What is Process Manufacturing?

When organizations search for manufacturing software, oftentimes they stumble across the term process manufacturing. But what is process manufacturing?

Within the manufacturing industry, there are two procedures to keep in mind, discrete and process. Process manufacturing results in finished goods that cannot be disassembled back to their original components.  This requires software with strong capabilities for process improvement to maximize profitability and productivity.

Common features included in process manufacturing solutions are lot traceability, batch control and shelf life traceability features. Additionally, there are modules used for formula management, revision control, and yield calculations.

With changing health and safety regulations, it is of the utmost importance for process manufacturing software to be highly flexible. The solutions should enforce compliance, and improve visibility across the enterprise in real-time. This helps process manufacturers maintain quality assurance and to react and act proactively when issues arise.

Software for process manufacturing relies heavily on integrated features and intelligence gathering. Process manufacturing solutions integrate with the rest of the enterprise operations to link every activity from the shop floor to the top floor. To improve the decision-making process, the process manufacturing solutions leverage real-time exception alerts, performance management, and decision support that detects problems in real-time to resolve them before they become customer issues.

Choosing the right software is an important decision for every company, and implementing the right manufacturing solution can help organizations run smoothly. To learn more about manufacturing software vendors visit the compare vendors section or the vendor reviews.

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