Rogemson Leverages SAP Business One Manufacturing Software

The SAP Business One software application has been adopted by the Rogemson Company, a producer and distributor of quality personal care products in the Philippines. The company is planning to leverage the SAP manufacturing software to streamline processes and enhance its overall management of the operation.

SAP Business One offers Rogemson the ability to integrate all core business functions onto one manufacturing software platform. With a single application, Rogemson can eliminate the cumbersome process of separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. Prior to this software upgrade, the company had experienced data segregation and chaotic business processes.

Rogemson vice president, Sven Erikson Cheng, noted that it was not unusual for the warehouse to be under stocked on an account. This would cause the customer’s order to go unmet simply because operators thought there were still products available when in reality, the supply had been depleted.

As a result of implementing the SAP Business One manufacturing software solution, Rogemson can now rely on data tracking, user-friendly features and increased streamlined operations. The company enjoys these features as well as greater customer satisfaction and retention as they are better equipped to meet customer needs.

In addition to these benefits, Rogemson hopes to cut costs through the elimination of order-processing errors and an improvement in upsell rates within the order management division. The company plans to empower its trading partners by providing them with access to the order management and order status systems through sophisticated, Web-based solutions.

The company also sees the SAP manufacturing software deployment as representing a value to customers, freeing them to generate new sources of revenue.

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