Kao Brands Drives Operational Excellence with Proficy Manufacturing Software

Kao Brands of Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced that they have chosen GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy Software to help with the execution of primary operations across its numerous consumer products. The Proficy Platform for manufacturing is designed to help Kao Brands improve quality, decrease cycle time in processing and implementation, increase versatility, testing and reduce commissioning time for the production lines.

Kao Brands is known worldwide for their production of beauty products such as Jergens, Ban, Biore, Curel, Guhl and John Freids. As the company continued its success and growth, officials recognized there was a need for a system that would securely and effectively allow for the manufacturing of many different recipes on the same equipment.

Kao Brands engineering manager shared in a statement that the company previously managed three major production areas that were producing a number of products with the same equipment, making it difficult to have to validate cleanings between products. With the help of the Proficy Platform, Kao Brands be able to change recipes more quickly rather than taking days to implement.

The beauty production company was also looking at ways to increase their productivity and make their processes more reliable. Kao Brands officials decided to use the data collected by the Proficy Software to check process involvement. With this data, Kao Brands hopes learn the best time for each step of every unique product and make it more efficient.

GE Intelligent Platform’s Vice President shared that Kao Brands is setting a perfect example for other companies as to how to achieve proficiency in manufacturing by laying a solid foundation of reliability and predictability.

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