CDC Software Review

About CDC Software

CDC Software, the Customer Driven Company, is a provider of enterprise solutions for medium to large companies. CDC manufacturing solutions can be deployed through a number of methods including hosted, on-premise, Cloud-based SaaS, or even hybrid methods. With a strong commitment to customer success, CDC Software offers a customer-driven business model to deliver unparalleled customer service and innovation.

Utilizing a combination of expertise and industry-specific solutions, CDC is able to help organizations leverage their resources, employees, and supply chain to create a significant competitive advantage. With over 6,000 successful deployments, CDC has become one of the leading providers of ERP manufacturing solutions for mid-sized companies in the industries of manufacturing, food and beverage processing, life sciences, metal fabrication, and chemical industries.

CDC Manufacturing Solutions

  • Ross Enterprise ERP
  • CDC Factory (Manufacturing Operations)
  • CDC Supply Chain (Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management and Order Management)
  • e-M-POWER ( Discrete Manufacturing)

CDC Software Highlights

  • Uses formula and recipe based manufacturing to optimize process manufacturing
  • Detailed pricing, product costing, and profitability management and analysis
  • High-Level forecasting and scheduling features to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Optimal inventory management to reduce expiration and spoilage
  • Uses automated order fulfillment features to deliver perfect order fulfillment with reduced costs
  • Integrated financials component to automate processes across the entire enterprise
  • Maintenance and Quality management features to help run manufacturing operations

Benefits of CDC Manufacturing Solutions

  • Creates a competitive advantage by leveraging superior technology built for specific industries to help manage resources, customer relationships, and the supply chain
  • CDC offers a wide range of manufacturing tools to meet the demands of various manufacturing operations including: financials, manufacturing, sales and order processing, inventory control, maintenance management, quality management, business analytics, and advanced planning and scheduling
  • Recognized as one of the top suppliers of enterprise software and supply chain management software
  • Offers high-quality services built on proven methodologies that deliver cost-effective solutions with high functionality that helps customers achieve success

Happy Customers

Juice Harvest, Litehouse Foods, Nexgen Pharma, Hammond Group, SI Group, Berner Foods