Plex Systems, Inc. Announces Availability of “Compliance and Traceability in Real Time” Report

Enterprise-wide traceability functions offered by Plex Online helps manufacturers improve product quality and on time shipping.

Auburn Hills, MI (January 16, 2009) –

Plex Systems, Inc., providers of Plex Online software for the manufacturing enterprise, today announced availability of the newly published “Compliance and Traceability in Real Time: Accelerating the Speed of Business” benchmark report by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE:HHS). Plex Systems sponsored the report, which is now available as a free download for a limited time at the Resource Center found at

Given today’s current economic conditions, regulatory climate, and impact of product recalls, many executives from many different industries now have compliance and traceability at the top of their agenda. This report shows how this executive focus is allowing Best-in-Class manufacturers to transform their businesses and improve both product quality and customer satisfaction by implementing enterprise wide compliance and traceability through quality and manufacturing systems.

Through analysis of close to 650 manufacturing executives, the report concludes that Best-in-Class companies out-perform their competition in key areas such as on time shipping, product quality, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and production compliance.

Putting these findings in context, Matthew Littlefield, a Senior Analyst with the Aberdeen Group, states that, “Best-in-Class performance is differentiated by the adoption of enterprise-wide Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and quality capabilities, which acts as foundational blocks for building an effective compliance and traceability program.” Additionally, “Best-in-Class manufacturers are creating real-time interoperability with these applications and other enterprise solutions like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and the Supply Chain so that information regarding product and process traceability is further linked across the value chain.”

“As the report notes, high performing manufacturers turn to technology such as Plex Online Software as a Service for built in compliance and traceability to production processes,” noted Patrick Fetterman, Vice President of Marketing, Plex Systems, Inc. “Plex Online stands alone in the technology arena, offering robust, real-time traceability, PLM, supply chain management and MES functionality to improve key performance indicators addressed in the report.”

Plex Systems, Inc. (formerly Plexus Systems, Inc.) is the developer of Plex Online, a software as a service (SaaS) solution for manufacturers. Plex Online includes over 350 functional modules to manage operations from the shop floor to the top floor, including manufacturing execution system (MES) modules such as quality management and machine integration, enterprise resource planning (ERP) modules such as accounting and finance, customer relationship management (CRM) modules such as order entry and tracking, and supply chain management (SCM) modules such as supplier quality and traceability. Plex Online’s SaaS model delivers reduced cost of operations, faster implementations and a continuously improving feature set.

About Plex Systems, Inc.
Since 1995, Plex Systems, Inc. (Auburn Hills, Mich.) has maintained a singular vision — to drive significant cost, quality and productivity improvements for manufacturers, from the shop floor to the top floor. Today, Plex Online also enables manufacturers to manage accounting, financials, regulatory compliance, human resources and other critical priorities, based on real-time, highly accurate data from their manufacturing operations. Plex Systems serves a global cross-section of manufacturing industries (OEMs and suppliers), particularly automotive, medical device and aerospace and defense companies. In 2006, Apax Partners ( made a strategic investment in Plex Systems, joining the founding investment group as stakeholders in Plex. For more information, visit

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