Plex Systems Announces Enhancements to Integrated Barcoding in Plex Online

Announcing barcoding functionality enhancements for Plex Online, Plex Systems’ SaaS ERP for manufacturers

Auburn Hills, MI (July 10, 2009) –

Plex Systems, Inc., provider of Plex Online ERP software for manufacturers, today announced the availability of enhancements to the barcoding capabilities that are an integrated feature of Plex Online, its software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP system for manufacturers.

Plex Online includes fully integrated applications for virtually every business operation in every manufacturing industry: including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the shop floor, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales and marketing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) for procurement, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for finance and management. With Plex Online, barcoding is automatically integrated into all of these operations, and user can take full advantage of all of the benefits barcoding can provide.

Plex Online includes built-in support for printing, reading, encoding and utilizing barcode labels. Using Plex Online’s barcoding function, part numbers, purchase order numbers, lot numbers, or any other information can be encoded into the machine-readable patterns of predefined bar and space patterns that comprise barcodes. Labels can be created and printed, and quickly and accurately read by a scanner and a computer. And these processes can be performed at any phase of the manufacturing process.

For example, Plex Online customers can utilize barcoding processes to track containers and individual parts on the factory floor using hand-held pocket PCs, wireless scanners, and other similar devices – and information about each container’s production stage is immediately available to all users, including the management team. Users can also scan containers and parts as they are transported around the shop floor, driving a highly accurate, real-time inventory system. In addition, they can utilize barcoding to receive and record raw materials and components; identify machines/assets, tooling, and MRO supply crib items; locate parts; calibrate gages; create, read and identify shipping labels; and track labor, time and attendance via employee badges. A seamless flow of materials through receiving, inventory, production and shipping is enabled by barcoding, with all details tracked within Plex Online.

Plex Systems first developed barcoding capabilities for Plex Online when the product was launched in 2001. Since then, the company has provided its users with an extensive, constantly updated library of pre-formatted barcode label formats, including the standard ones most commonly required within various manufacturing industries. Plex Online can also support any other label format, whether it is driven by unique customer requirements or internal needs. For example, Plex Systems’ customer Cuisine Solutions (AMEX: FZN), which produces frozen entrees using the sous vide cooking method, required some kind of identifier for raw materials that contain certain allergens, such as peanut oil. Plex Online’s barcoding capabilities were customized to meet this requirement, adding an allergen symbol to the barcodes as a visual cue that helped this company meet its rigorous safety goals.

Plex Online users can also benefit from the improved accuracy and traceability provided by its integral barcoding capabilities. For example, an automotive assembly supplier recently had an opportunity to win new business from a tier one customer that required encrypted direct part marking for all of its incoming parts. By launching Plex Online with customized barcoding, the supplier was able to establish such a process and win the contract. Today, each part the supplier produces is identified by a unique serial number, and that number is encrypted in the barcode. The encryption offers the counterfeit protection demanded by the customer who had, in the past, been required to pay warranty costs on the failure of counterfeit components that it hadn’t actually manufactured.

“While barcoding has limited benefits when used to perform isolated functions, it has virtually unlimited potential as part of Plex Online because our system supports all business processes in manufacturing,” said Mark Symonds, CEO and president, Plex Systems, Inc. “Like other features of Plex Online, our barcoding capabilities integrate seamlessly with other modules, contributing to the greatest possible operational productivity and best business results for our customers.”

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Plex Systems, Inc. is the developer of Plex Online, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for the manufacturing enterprise. Plex Online offers industry-leading features for virtually every department within a manufacturer, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the shop floor, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales and marketing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) for procurement, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for finance and management. Plex Online’s fully-integrated model delivers a “shop floor to top floor” view of a manufacturer’s operations, enabling management to run their business at maximum efficiency. Founded in 1995, Plex Systems is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with customers around the globe. More information is available at

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