Agilent Technologies Manufacturing Software Automates In-Circuit Test Coverage Reports

The N1194A Agilent Test Coverage Consultant test coverage prediction tool is now available from Agilent Technologies. This manufacturing software provider recently introduced this fast and easy-to-use test solution to enable engineers to more easily estimate test coverage early in the produce life cycle.

There are two significant tasks that the ATCC manufacturing software solution will address: measuring the test coverage of a product once the tests have been developed; and quickly predicting the test coverage of a product based on the CAD layout files. With these tasks complete, engineers are better able to estimate test coverage at the CAD layout file stage.

With the Agilent manufacturing software tool, the test manager can work with this solution to optimize the manufacturing test coverage by utilizing a full range of available test platforms.

According to Adrian Cheong, Agilent’s technical marketing manager for in-circuit and functional test, the ATCC manufacturing software solution can save an engineer days as it automates the currently manual test coverage analysis process. This could lead to faster time to market for those solutions that demand fast paced production.

Agilent provides the ability to analyze the coverage based on user selectable, Agilent in-circuit test features. With this manufacturing information, engineers are better equipped to make a more complete test coverage report.

When it is used during the prototyping phase of production, test engineers are able to estimate how well the product can be tested during mass production. The tool provides engineers with the extra time to adjust their test strategy to ensure the best coverage and that the best quality products are produced through the manufacturing process.

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