TGI Manufacturing ERP Review

About TGI

TGI is a leading provider of manufacturing and distribution software aimed towards small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. TGI firmly believes in going beyond selling their solution and extend their offerings to include strong support services from their highly skilled technical, business consulting, and project management staff. They believe in forming lasting relationships with their customers, and look to be viewed as a strategic business partner rather than a vendor.

TGI’s Enterprise 21 solution is a fully integrated ERP application designed to fulfill an enterprise’s complete business operation needs. Enterprise 21 offers a flexible architecture that can be tailored to meet the design specifications of each individual business, and provides integrated functionality for the management of sales orders, procurement, inventory, warehouse, financial, planning, business intelligence, CRM, and manufacturing processes.

Enterprise 21 is privately owned and exclusively deployed by TGI to ensure that the ERP solution delivers a competitive advantage for customers by streamlining processes and improving the profitability and efficiency of the organization.

TGI designs the award-winning Enterprise 21 software that is aimed at small to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. TGI delivers their solution across several industries, and their customer-driven improvements and superior support make them one of the top choices for manufacturers.

TGI Manufacturing ERP Solution

  • Enterprise 21

TGI Manufacturing ERP Highlights

  • Unique order management features that manage the sales order process using tools such as: drop shipments, blanket orders, recurring orders, incoming and outgoing transactions, and available-to-promise and capable-to-promise alerts
  • Using tools such as flexible units of measure, multiple inventory locations, automated conversions, physical inventory counts, cycle counts, and lot/serial tracking Enterprise21 is able to establish complete control over all inventory-related activities within a manufacturing enterprise
  • Manages standard warehouse practices such as receiving and put-away, replenishing, picking, and shipping with tools like RF bar-code scanning to efficiently manage operations
  • Supports discrete, process, make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order, and mixed-mode manufacturing environments
  • Leverages kitting and assembly functions to manage internal and outsourced manufacturing needs
  • Strong accounting integration with the rest of the ERP system to create robust reporting capabilities

Benefits of TGI Manufacturing ERP

  • Uses several integrated modules with robust functionality to increase operating efficiency and provide greater visibility across the enterprise
  • Enterprise 21 software supports several industries, but contains added functionality for process manufacturing. Features such as production planning, scheduling, formulas, recipes, ad traceability are just a few of the added features used to enhance process manufacturing
  • Highly-flexible system that can be easily customized by TGI’s technical staff to adapt to the changing demands of an organizations business environment

Happy Customers

Canberra Corporation, Cane Creek Cycling Components, DCI Cheese Company, Lowry Computer Products, Lynn Medical, Nu-West Construction Products, Therma-Tru Doors, VernDale Products