QAD Manufacturing Review

About QAD Manufacturing

Founded in 1979, QAD focuses on delivering its solution to global manufacturing companies.  By providing intuitive and quick-to-learn products, QAD has established itself as one of the premier suppliers of manufacturing software. Their dedication to a select set of vertical industries enables them to present products that continuously deliver the precise needs of their customers.

QAD Manufacturing is the foundation for several modules that round out QAD’s product portfolio including QAD Lean Manufacturing, QAD Just-In-Time Sequencing, QAD Planner, QAD Production Scheduler, and QAD Pro/Plus. The manufacturing solution improves the operating efficiency of companies by providing enhanced planning and scheduling, material control, cost control, shop floor control, and an extensive line of reporting capabilities.

QAD designs complete manufacturing solutions focused on the industries of automotive, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, high-tech, industrial products and life sciences.

QAD Manufacturing Solutions

  • QAD Manufacturing
  • QAD Lean Manufacturing
  • QAD Just-In-Time Sequencing
  • QAD Planner
  • QAD Production Scheduler
  • QAD Pro/Plus

QAD Manufacturing Highlights

  • Managers product data by maintaining the relationship between product components and Bill of Material, assembly, sub-assembly, and fabricated parts
  • Supports several product functions including formulas, processes, configured products, routing, and cost management
  • Features in product line planning, resource planning, and forecasting to improve decision-making
  • Master Scheduling Workbench that helps determine what to produce, when to produce, and the quantities
  • Manufacturing execution features that give shop floor feedback on statuses, shortages, quality issues
  • Streamlines material and labor reporting, manages shelf life, Bar Code and RFID, and lot serial traceability
  • Uses strong quality management features to track supplier product quality, apply testing procedures to work orders and schedules, and report potential problems

Benefits of QAD Manufacturing

  • Reduces costs and increases throughput by leveraging the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques, and by offering full support for lean manufacturing processes
  • Improves customer satisfaction by providing real-time access to critical planning and performance information to maintain high quality and quick response times
  • Creates accurate forecasting by evaluating past sales history data
  • Enhances operating efficiency and decision-making by leveraging its core functions of planning, scheduling, cost management, material management, and shop floor management

Happy Customers

Johnson Controls Inc., Filtration Group, Lion Nathan, SPC Ardmona Limited, Amcor Limited, SanDisk, Remy International, FEI Company, Laird Technologies, PANakytical, RF Industries, Coorstek, RW Beckett, Comvita, Vita-Tech