Microsoft Dynamics GP Review

About Microsoft Dynamics GP

Since 1975, Microsoft has been prominently exposed as one of the top dogs in the software industry, and their ambitions have been anything but small. Microsoft provides a variety of products and services, which include its Microsoft Office software and Windows operating systems. The company has even expanded into manufacturing software, and looks to provide a flexible solution that helps manufacturers produce the right products at a high quality, in the right quantities, and at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP solution that extends beyond simple accounting and reporting, and aims to supply a comprehensive product with flexible deployment options and robust functionality. By leveraging its ERP capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides an integrated solution that addresses manufacturing, accounting, distribution, human resources, business analytics, CRM, and financial management for companies of all sizes.

Microsoft serves a wide range of customers through OEM, distributors, resellers, and other online services. Their customers can range from individual users, small and mid-sized companies, large enterprises, government institutions, ISPs, application developers, and OEM.

Microsoft Manufacturing Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP Highlights

  • Easy-to-Use interface that enables easy access to business intelligence information with simple browsing and tracing features
  • Real-time alerts into business activity
  • Browser-based collaboration features such as employee portal solutions for document and information access, sharing features, and personalized gateways
  • Reduces complexity of purchase to receiving actions, and improves warehouse activities with efficient picking, management, and shipping
  • Effective material requirements planning functions with graphical user interface, and advanced sales forecasting
  • Integrated financial management features that utilize automated transaction processing and adjusting to streamline processes
  • CRM functionality that communicates customer information across the entire enterprise

BenefitsĀ of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Offers a supply chain solution integrated with productivity applications that Microsoft customers are already familiar with to provide a user-friendly environment
  • Effectively tracks and coordinates manufacturing processes to reduce inventory costs and customer lead times
  • Reduces the complexity of purchasing activities by streamlining the order and receiving process, and improve forecasting
  • Complete visibility of the entire manufacturing processes to improve decision-making by letting managers focus on what’s important for success

Happy Customers

Primo Water, Current Energy, Global Tower Partners, New Belgium Brewing, G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Winncom Technologies, American Red Cross, Gregory Greenfield & Associates, Ltd., Premier Foods, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory