Logility Voyager Solutions Review

About Logility Solutions

With the rising complexity and dispersion occurring in global supply chains, it has become necessary for organizations to implement solutions to improve their response times for customers. Logility Voyager Solutions seeks to improve profitability and customer service by providing the control and visibility needed to appropriately plan and schedule, source, produce, transport and store global supply chain activities.

Logility has helped thousands of companies worldwide to bridge the gaps of sales, customer service, manufacturing, inventory, procurement, and delivery.  The Logility Voyager Solutions can be implemented by individual components to solve specific business problems, and can be quickly scaled to incorporate various other functions at the moment organizations need them.  Logility’s solutions are designed for organizations of all sizes, but specifically meet the demands of distribution intensive industries such as consumer goods, food and beverage, process and chemical, services and aftermarket parts, wholesale distribution, retail, life sciences, durable goods, apparel, and high-tech.

Logility Manufacturing Solutions

  • Performance Management
  • Value Chain Collaboration
  • Demand Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply Optimization
  • Transportation and Logistics Optimization

Logility Solutions Highlights

Performance Management

  • Proactive monitoring and notification controls
  • Tools to provide accurate measuring and enhanced control over supply chain activities by exception basis

Value Chain Collaboration

  • Features to improve the sales and operations planning functions
  • Accelerates trading partner relationships, demand planning, and materials procurement

Demand Optimization

  • Improved visibility across the enterprise to increase forecast accuracy and reporting capabilities
  • Streamlines market planning to better assess promotions and product introductions

Inventory Optimization

  • Optimal inventory targeting features to manage each facet of multi-echelon manufacturing and distribution, and is able to integrate with inventory goals

Supply Optimization

  • Improves manufacturing processes with dynamic materials sourcing capabilities and synchronized production planning

Transportation and Logistics Optimization

  • Order fulfillment capabilities to improve warehousing and inventory management

Benefits of Logility Solutions

  • Easy to use and implement system that can be deployed in modules to solve specific problems, or use it to synchronize activities throughout the entire supply chain to attain optimal manufacturing process efficiency
  • Increased visibility with real-time reporting to accurately measure performance, and this results in improved inventory accuracy, forecasting accuracy, streamlined production and customer satisfaction
  • Creates a demand driven supply chain that uses constraint-based supply plans that leverage resources to optimize inventory investments to meet actual demand and drive down costs
  • Provides solutions with low total cost of ownership and fast implementations to deliver quicker ROI, and uses a knowledgeable staff to deliver superior support and innovation

Happy Customers

Clement Pappas,  Continental Mills, Electrolux Home Care Products,  Pfizer, Tiffany & Co, Brown Show Company, W.S. Badcock, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Porsche Cars of NA,  Hewlett-Packard