IFS Manufacturing ERP Review

About IFS Manufacturing

Now in its seventh generation of software, IFS has pioneered component based ERP software, and has expanded its operations worldwide. IFS features an easily upgradable manufacturing system that leverages quick implementation times and a short learning curve. Due to the fast deployment and functionality of the ERP solution, IFS software has become popularized in approximately 54 countries and 22 different languages.

IFS manufacturing software has become a popular choice across several vertical sectors, which include aerospace and defense, construction, industrial manufacturing, automotive, high-tech, process industries, service and facilities, and utilities and telecom. The manufacturing software extends beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionalities, and incorporates customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), corporate performance management (CPM), product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO).

IFS offers a flexible manufacturing software solution that is capable of handling all of the needs of mid-sized to large manufacturing companies.

IFS Manufacturing Solutions

  • IFS Manufacturing
  • IFS/ Project Delivery
  • IFS/PDM Configuration
  • IFS/ Repetitive Production
  • IFS/ To Order Manufacturing
  • IFS Demand Planning

IFS Manufacturing Highlights

  • IFS’ component-based manufacturing software leverages open standards to give customers the best possible solutions to optimize their business processes.
  • By utilizing its global network of partners, IFS is able to offer users a sophisticated solution that reduces customer risk and improves their return on investment.
  • As a pioneer of component-based software, IFS has been able to simplify highly sophisticated and robust software solutions by breaking them down into smaller easy-to-use pieces.
  • Having built their foundation on component-based solutions, IFS manufacturing software enable users to mix, match, add, upgrade and replace various components to provide unparalleled flexibility.

Benefits of IFS Manufacturing

  • Relieves the stress of repetitious tasks by presenting a high level of automated information flow
  • Controls all phases of the manufacturing process by offering extensive capabilities in planning, execution, control, and analysis.
  • Reduces operating costs by providing strong analytics and reporting to determine metrics such as break-even and optimal price based on elasticity.
  • Uses strong demand planning that is collaborative, graphical and interactive. The feature improves the decision making process with the inclusion of short and long term forecasting for sales, planning, budgeting, inventory scheduling and inventory control.
  • Dramatically improves customer service by producing and managing the data necessary to efficiently run the after-sales process.
  • Strong traceability features ensure that every stage of the manufacturing lifecycle is properly managed.

Happy Customers

Alan Dick & Company, Barking Power Station, Barseb├Ąck, Bristow Group Inc, Butcher’s Pet Care, Coba Plastics, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Co., Gables Engineering, Globus, Hercules Sealing Products, Holland Co., J & H Machine Tools Inc, Management Science Associates, Peerless Industries, Saab, SAS/GEM, Todd Pacific Shipyards, Worldmark.