Consona ERP Review

About Consona

By offering a family of ERP solutions, Consona is able to provide software and services that match the needs of specific customers in various industries. Consona ERP solutions are known for their intuitive interfaces and frequent innovation and development per customer requests and suggestions. Consona’s family of ERP solutions deliver sophisticated solutions that are quick to learn and don’t involve complicated implementations.

Consona offers a breadth of application coverage that stimulates collaboration throughout organizations. The ERP solutions unite every department in an organization and increase the information flow through management, sales, purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, customer service, accounting and finance, human resources, and operations.

With their array of customer-specific ERP solutions, Consona can provide a combination of unmatched services in tandem with highly functional solutions that can meet the needs of manufacturing companies of all industries and sizes.

Consona Manufacturing Solutions

Intuitive ERP

  • Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses and accommodates a broad range of manufacturing environments including medical devices, aviation, electronics and others.


  • Offers complete ERP solutions for manufacturers building complex products involving design and engineering activities


  • Extends past traditional ERP solutions and includes project management and scheduling to alleviate the confusion of complex manufacturing processes by implementing strong project tracking, scheduling and cost features


  • Built for manufacturers of metals, cable and wire

Cimnet Systems

  • Designed to support the industry of circuit board engineering and fabrication, which includes the processes of design, fabrication and certification.

Configuration Solutions

  • Provides rules-based configuration and integrates with all of the Consona ERP solutions

Compiere ERP

  • Develops and distributes the most widely used open source ERP manufacturing solution, which is implemented by customers in manufacturing, distribution, retail, health care and pharma, government, and publishing.

Consona ERP Highlights

  • Advanced planning functionality that analyzes material requirements and costs to ensure resource efficiency
  • Detailed inventory management that automates frequent tasks with strong tracking capabilities that track material location and serial numbers.
  • Performs efficient cycle counts by utilizing bar code technology and maintains inventory control
  • Capable of managing procurement and finances
  • Fully functional manufacturing management utilizing tools for production scheduling and planning, work order tracking, shop floor monitoring, and equipment and material capacity planning
  • Human resource features to enforce payroll processes
  • Strong reporting and forecasting features to improve decision making processes

Benefits of Consona ERP

  • Consona’s family of ERP solutions provide clear visibility across the entire enterprise to improve collaboration and to identify problems before they occur
  • Consona solutions offer the most coverage in the manufacturing industry by offering products that integrate customer service, supplier management, planning, accounting, engineering and e-commerce
  • Industry-specific ERP solutions designed for specific customers provide the exact requirements and capabilities needed to improve operating efficiency and reduce costs

Happy Customers

All Flex, Inc., Anderson Power Products, Advanced Scientifics, Inc., ATI Industrial Automation, B&K Corporation, Coretec, Inc., Haynes Wire Company, Johnstown Wire Technologies, Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc., Smeal Fire Aparatus Co.